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向愛臣服意味著,你多常允許讓愛流動? 當你臣服於愛時,你生命中一個神奇的部分就開始了。 愛不是瓶中的閃電,愛無處不在,等著你去相信它,它已經存在了。



臣服意味著臣服於自己的小我,僅此而已。 在臣服中,人們消除了想像中和現實中的所有障礙。


剩下的就是真正的你,純淨的自我。 在臣服中,您只是無條件地愛自己要臣服的一切。 停止總是試圖娛樂自己,開始臣服於愛。

翻譯 by Aarti Borǰigin
Written by Russell Clayton


Surrender to love means, how often are you going to allow love to act on your behalf? An amazing part of your life begins when you surrender to love. Love is not lightning in a bottle, love is all around you waiting for you to believe in it, its already there.

Surrender is the shift from saying no to saying yes to life.

The only action that is not self centered is a surrender to love.

Surrender means surrendering your ego, nothing more or nothing less. In surrender, one removes all obstacles both imagined and real.

Surrender is the process of letting go of all of your attachments and the willingness to give up all things including any mindset that no longer serves you.

What’s left behind is the real you, the pure self. In surrender, you are simply loving unconditionally what it is that you are surrendering to. Stop always trying to entertain yourself and start surrendering to love.

翻譯 by Aarti Borǰigin
Written by Russell Clayton