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療癒故事,  心理


盡量不要把事情個人化,而是看看我們是否能在一個充滿愛和同情心的地方超越呈現給我們的drama,,而不是加入drama。 你們中的一些人被觸發了,知道這是你自己治療過程的路徑。
you are being encourage to see someone else’s point of view and realize that there are always two sides to every story.
Everyone operates within their own beliefs, wounds and thoughts and often when someone lashes out at you, they are simply showing you their own wound that need healing.
try not to take things personally but instead see if you can rise above the drama being presented to you and come from a place of love and compassion instead of adding to the drama,. of you get triggered, know that this is a road map to your own healing process.
Be a light that shows others a different way of being
Written by Twin Flame Creation
翻譯 by Aarti Borǰigin