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每次當我們被觸發時,都能發現未被療癒的創傷。 如果你用自己的小我向外投射反應,而不是向內觀照自己,則該觸發將會以其他情況或人的形式再次出現。

單純地確定你已被觸發是一個很好的開始。 迴避觸發無法療癒我們; 當你被觸發然後“意識到”時,治療就會發生。

治癒觸發並不意味著你不會再被觸發。 當你被觸發但不再無意識地反應時,就會發生療癒。


當你與自己和解並開始療癒自己的過去時,你將成為自己更好的版本。 這樣意識的轉變在你的身,心,靈層面上創造了更多空間,使你可以表達更深層次的愛。

翻譯 by Aarti Borǰigin


Every time you get triggered, a trauma is uncovered. If you project your reaction outward with your ego instead of going inward for self examination, that trigger will show up again in the form of another situation or person.

Simply identifying that you have been triggered is an excellent start. Avoiding your triggers isn’t healing; healing happens when you are triggered and then realize it.

Healing a trigger doesn’t mean that you won’t be triggered again. Healing occurs when you are triggered but no longer react unconsciously.

When you move through your emotional pain, past the story, and reach for a different response, you will arrive at a higher state of awareness.

When you reconcile and heal your past, you become a better version of yourself. This shift in consciousness creates more room in your heart, mind and spirit for deeper expressions of love.